What we do

A Rainbow of Opportunity

Our experience with small to medium sized organisations as well as our research and those of others clearly indicates that scaling up is a challenge. On average 96% of all organisations in the western world do not scale up beyond $1million; then only 0.4% of the companies in the USA exceed $10 million in sales revenue. In Australia this is 0.29% and in New Zealand it is 0.5%, but after this NZ companies drop off significantly. Some authors refer to this as the valley of death -, we prefer to see it is the rainbow of opportunity.

Our research also showed that if we could unlock the potential of organisations to grow just to the levels achieved in the United States then this is worth $200 billion to the Australia economy and $50 billion to New Zealand. It would provide significant sustainable employment opportunity for future generations.

How can Leading Performance Consulting help you

Leading Performance Consulting works with organisations delivering leading edge solutions to help them cope with an ever complex environment

In these turbulent times organisations face some of these challenges:

  • They are having to do more with less due to market changes
  • The organisation is facing competitive threat from a diverse range of competitors
  • They aspire to grow but have plateaued
  • Productivity and efficiency programs have slowed down
  • Innovation is on the agenda but not getting the outcomes organisations would like.

Environmental shocks are more rapid as technology, economics and globalisation challenge leaders. Many organisations have high aspirations and have applied a number of approaches but have under delivered or not sustained. We have named these organisations the ascending organisations and they need a clear road map to success – this may be in small chunks or an overall organisation development framework. Many organisations know what to do but may not have the how or the executional capability and would like assistance to bring about improvement. We have proven business improvement methodologies that have helped companies improve their organisation effectiveness, get results and improve their competitive position.

Our Approach

Our approach is integrated and holistic recognising that leadership makes the difference. Our modular approach allows us to address areas within a wider framework. We focus on delivering outstanding results through leadership and organisational development and operational excellence. Our consultants are experienced executives who understand the challenges faced by organisations at all levels. We work closely with the company to build capability and capacity for the long term whilst delivering short term results. Talk to us about how we can work with you to build sustainable success.

Areas of focus

Our areas of focus include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organisation Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Efficiency and Productivity / Lean
  • Innovation

Organisational Engagement

There is no denying that organisations are faced with constant change and challenges in today’s business environment. To stay competitive organisations need to have an inspiring purpose and clear vision and a roadmap on how to get there. It needs to differentiate itself and stand out from the competitors so we focused on Leading by Design.

Vision on its own is not enough

Organisational engagement where all employees are focused on achieving the goals of the company is crucial – executional excellence. Leadership style and organisational culture are the glue that holds everything together and gains commitment. Gaining and supporting employee engagement through the close management of organisational culture and leadership is probably the single most important challenge for any Chief Executive. Based on well tested approaches we have processes that assist employee engagement, leadership effectiveness and organisational performance that realise successful change management. The approach has been successful in organisations to enable leaders and members to achieve a high performance organisation. This program provides continuous improvement thinking with speedy application.

The Process

Our unique approach is multifaceted with the development of the organisational culture, leadership, employee engagement and operational excellence to achieve outstanding results.

Leading Performance Consulting Services

Creating Customer Value

We offer integrated high performance solutions including high performance leadership, 20 Keys to Workplace Improvement and operational excellence designed to meet the needs of the business and take it to the next level. We build the capabilities of your business and strengthen its constitution – constantly ascending. We have a global network so we can provide global solutions. We have worked with companies of all sizes from small to medium sized businesses to global organisations. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success. Please check out our video tour below for what our customers say on our product or service.

Customer Achievements

Our customers have achieved significant benefits from using Leading Performance Consulting. We care about results and have consistently achieved sustainable improvement, become more responsive to the market and built the capability of their staff. We take great pride in their performance and hope we are able to work with you become more competitive, customer focused and sustainable.

The integrated solution is suitable for companies of all sizes. Please refer to the various services under Leadership, Organisation Development, Strategy, Lean and Innovation. We offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success.