Towards Excellence

Towards Excellence

Have you ever wondered why some organisations consistently outperform others?
Vision on its own is not enough. Leadership and culture must be aligned to the vision and purpose to achieving a competitive edge. Executional excellence and a strong achievement ethic are key to success. Culture is the glue that holds everything together and determines how and when decisions are made. Managing culture is probably the single most important challenge for any Chief Executive.

We are able to help leaders and members enhance their aspiration for a high performance organisation. This program provides continuous improvement thinking with speedy application.

Good is an impediment to great.

Good means we feel comfortable and complacency creeps in. Leaders need to resist the temptation especially in disruptive times. We cannot take our capability for granted.

The Program

Based on extensive research and experience in the field about organisations moving from good to great. Towards Excellence is a systems based approach to building a high performance workplace. It is comprehensive and through diagnostics is designed to your needs. It provides systems and practices that allows your organisation to grow, innovate and build capability for the short and long term. It is based on research and extensive experience from leading global companies as well as SME’s who needed breakthrough strategies to realise their potential to high performance.We work with you to refine your growth plan to address current and future horizons for growth. We expect the growth plan to not only address market positioning but also margin, leadership, people and executional discipline. We focus on being the “best in the world” in your chosen space. We also have a review process so your growth plan cycle continuous enhances the business and challenges you to transform. Download a brochure for more information.


The program is delivered through a series of workshops over 10 months with over 50 hours of delivery. We work either in-house or with a collaborative group of like minded CEO’s and owners. This forum provides a wealth of experience facilitated by experienced and successful mentors and coaches.


Label House and Assta Labels achieved improved revenue and margins and Sam Markwort says the Growth Accelerator program is packed with tools to help you bust through the barriers to growth. “We were an early adopter and it has proved its weight in gold. We are scaling the growth curve faster. Helping change a 70 year old level company Growth accelerator has provided the time to work on the business strategically in a well supported environment. The content delivered with peers and mentors fro business owners and leaders within industry, providing the best support you need through the change process. It is structured on a higher management level with a practical approach encouraging you to think outside the box. Regardless of business size or professional training it is crucial to work on your business in the modern world.”

Sam Markwort
General Manager
Label House Victoria

One Point is an innovative multi-channel communications media company. Kerim Elgabili says “the program is conducted in an environment surrounded by entrepreneurs that are facing the same challenges and seeking strategic solutions to navigate into bluer oceans. The program is facilitated by a professional business consultant that is engaging and at times provocative so as to push your perspectives on developing a way forward. I thoroughly enjoyed the program because it was well structured, it stimulated intellectual debates and provided intelligent solutions for my business.”

Kerim Elgabili
Chief Executive Officer
On Point

Awards Plus is a niche supplier of awards and recognition to organisations particularly in the education sector. Ian Gillespie the CEO says “the program has helped me redefine our purpose for the organisation and myself and provided a blueprint for growth. Being challenged to clarify my purpose opened up blue oceans of opportunity and created an exciting future and the tools to achieve it.”

Ian Gillespie
Awards Plus

InPress Printing is a commercial printer that recognised the industry was changing and the traditional space of the commercial printer was increasing competitive and there was overcapacity in the market. Revenue and margins were under stress and Miles Kozewski looked to the Growth Accelerator program to help him reposition the business. “Not only is this experience teaching us the fundamentals of business growth and leadership but it is also providing valuable insights into the ever changing communications media landscape. I would highly recommend this course to any business owner or manager.”

Growth has predictable stages – understanding these takes some of the struggle out of the journey.

Too many business leaders feel they are dragging the rest of the organisation up the growth curve. Leading Performance Consulting works with business leaders to develop leadership, gain alignment, get the right people on the bus and enjoy the ride.

Transforming your organisation.

Adapt to the challenges of growth faster and more agile than anyone else by having a clear purpose anticipating the changes.

Get the right people on the bus and in the right seats.

Attract expertise who are excited by and capable of accelerating your growth.

Develop a Growth Plan for Success.

Develop a balanced growth plan that enables the purpose. It develops accountability and energises people to drive organisational success

Customer Centric.

Have a  very clear understanding and value proposition for your customer. Provide a unique solution that differentiates you and meets your customers needs.

Executional Excellence.

Ensure disciplined execution by having clear short term goals and performance measure. Have a management process that reviews these and keeps them top of mind for everyone.

World Class Practices.

Grow and strengthen your practices and develop core competencies that support your brand promise.

Technology Accelerator.

Adapt technologies that build your value proposition and core competence – not just a technology grasshopper.

Sustain the Growth.

Ultimately it is about sustaining the growth. Having a disciplined management process, being challenged and guided to the next level and flawlessly achieving consistent execution.

The Programme

Session 1


Session 2


Session 3

Right People on the Bus

Session 4

Confront the facts – Strategy

One on one meeting Leadership People and Strategy

Session 5

Customer Centric Strategy

Session 6

Executional Excellence

Session 7

World Class Practices

Session 8

Technology Accelerator

One on One Meeting One Page Plan and Actions

Session 9


Session 10

Closing session

Mid Year Review and Renewal