Lean/Operational Excellence

Lean/Operational Excellence

Many organisations have applied lean, six sigma and other improvement approaches. Some have had outstanding success and others are disappointed. There is no doubt that the  “lean” philosophy works and is crucial in the hyper competitive world we find ourselves so  the challenge is to unlock or re-invigorate the strategy. Once again the strength of our experience means we take a holistic view and look at the operations strategy from both a leadership as well as a tools and techniques perspective. We have worked with some of the founders of Kaizen in Japan and adapted their approaches to local conditions  across a number of countries with  outstanding success.

We work from the perspective of lean being an operations strategy and seek to understand the operations strategy and the value at stake. This allows everyone to  set clear goals and targets as well as focus on the systems and processes that need strengthening. The focus on incremental and transformational change to build rapid sustainable results.

We customise our approach to the organisation or we have a apply a more formalised structured approach. A number of clients have  built on the foundations and developed their own  organisation approach and this has established a sustainable way to both operational excellence and innovation as it is incorporated into the business planning system.

20 Keys to Workplace Improvement

20 Keys was created to achieve the strategic goals of the business through the implementation of best practices in operational excellence. It was developed in parallel to the Toyota Way and reflects best practice and has helped our clients to:

  • Improve the speed of learning and innovation within the business
  • Identify and eliminate all forms of waste within the business and thereby help to make products and services better, cheaper and faster.
  • Energise and motivate all employees to work towards the achievement of the company goals.
  • Improve productivity, profitability and long term sustainable success of the organisation.

Key 1 : Organising the Workplace
Key 2 : Rationalise the System / Goal alignment
Key 3 : Small Group Activity
Key 4 : Reducing Work-in-Process
Key 5 : Quick Changeover Technology
Key 6 : Continuous Improvement of Processes
Key 7 : Zero Monitoring
Key 8 : Coupled Processing
Key 9 : Improvement of Equipment Reliability
Key 10 : Workplace Disciplines

Key 11 : Quality Assurance Systems
Key 12 : Developing Your Suppliers
Key 13 : Eliminating Wasteful Activities
Key 14 : Empowering Employees to Make Improvements
Key 15 : Cross Training and Multi-skilling
Key 16 : Production Scheduling
Key 17 : Efficiency Control
Key 18 : Information Technology
Key 19 : Conserving Resources
Key 20 : Benchmarking Site and Leading Technology



  • Comprises of 20 very practical and synergistically integrated approaches required to deliver operational excellence.
  • Provides a roadmap towards operational excellence through benchmarking and setting of improvement targets across the whole organisation.
  • Creates a common vision and understanding as well as a common language for people to work together.
  • Involves everyone in the organisation on all levels.
  • Builds on and strengthens existing improvement initiatives such as HACCP, ISO, 6 Sigma, Lean, CRM)
  • An internationally applied benchmarking system used to monitor improvement and performance encouraging teams to be engaged in addressing any shortfalls.


20 Keys involves all employees on the achievement of the overall company goals – meeting customer needs better, faster and greater value in an energised and safe work environment.

  • Increases in productivity of 60% –
  • Reduction in rework / defects (up to 80%)
  • Reduced water consumption by 70% –
  • Productivity improvement of up to 60%
  • Strengthened the skills of all employees
  • Greater alignment and understanding of the company goals and improved commitment at all levels to achieving these goals.

Competitive Manufacturing for Operational Excellence

Improve your operational performance and provide your employees with national qualifications.

Train your managers, supervisors and operators in continuous improvement concepts to nationally recognised standards –

  • Certificate 3 and 4 in Competitive Manufacturing
  • Diploma or an Advanced Diploma or Diploma under the Competitive Manufacturing program.

These programs provides the skills to implement modern processing and systems techniques required to sustain organisation performance. Delivered in the workplace these programs are different from most training programs and focus on the improvement outcomes in the workplace. Using techniques taken from lean manufacturing , 6 Sigma, Total Productive Maintenance and Toyota Production System. Units of competency can be tailored to the needs of the company and industry. These programs provides continuous improvement and innovative thinking with speedy application.