Leadership and Talent

The Evolving Leader

Global Leadership Development Framework

“Leaders are made, not born, and how they develop is critical for organisational change.”
Rooke & Torbert, HBR, 2005

In growing and transforming an organisation you need leaders capable of transformative thinking. The team needs to imagine new futures either an improvement to the current strategy or conceiving and actioning bluer oceans. Most developmental psychologists now agree that what differentiates leaders is not so much their philosophy of leadership, their personality, or their style of management, but rather it’s their internal worldview or ‘Action Logic’ – how they construct reality and respond to emerging situations, and plan for the future. This internal view impacts design thinking, innovation and strategic thinking. In times of discontinous change that we face today we need leaders with transformational thinking that can steer organisations through this change. There is a critical shortage of transformation leadership. Whilst many organistions have provided leadership programs this program addresses our way of thinking (vertical learning) and provides insights into our immunity to change.

Transforming Leader

Growing your leadership capacity takes time, coaching and inquiry. Becoming a more effective leader often involves a profound process of transformation of heart and mind – technical and adaptive change. To enable leaders to achieve this we designed a customisable approach which addresses complex problems, inquiry and self reflection over time. Our Transforming Leader programme builds on The Evolving Leader to increase leadership and organisation performance.

Action Logics

Each leader is informed by a dominant way of interpreting the world which has been shaped by time, experience and learning. A leader’s meaning making both enables and constrains effectiveness, interacting with the demands made on the leader. Most leaders, however, are not conscious of their thinking process and thus are ‘blind’ to it. They are unaware they can transform beyond the limits of their current ways of thinking and acting.

Becoming aware of their Action Logic (meaning making) provides leaders with crucial insights into what constrains their effectiveness and importantly, how they can develop beyond these constraints.

The dominant Action Logic of a team, a division or a whole organisation has a dramatic impact on its performance and ability. The challenge for most organisations is to move beyond the ‘Achiever’ frame to incorporate ‘Redefining and Transformational’ thinking and behaviour (read the Harvard Business Review article Seven Transformations of Leadership to understand more about ‘Redefining’ and ‘Transforming”).

For full Seven Transformations of Leadership article please use the link here to contact john.clements@leadinperformance.com

Leading Performance Consulting supports the development of transformational intelligence in leaders and organisations. Transformational intelligence is a collection of capabilities found in ‘Redefining’, ‘Transforming’ and ‘Alchemical.’ However, these capabilities are available to anyone who takes on certain practices. By inquiring into and experimenting with particular capabilities it is possible to encourage radical development – extending the strengths of any Action Logic.

Leaders who undertake a voyage of inquiry and personal development can transform their own capabilities and those of their organisations. Corporations that help their executives and leadership teams develop rich rewards reap rich rewards and help them to ascend from good to great by developing Level 5+ leadership. Research is clear that for organisations to transform they need later action logics.

To discover your own Action Logic contact john.clements@leadinperformance.com

Leadership and Talent

The need for clear, effective leadership at all levels of the organisation has never been greater. But many leadership teams need are challenged. We are able to offer sound external advice and confidence to guide the organisation. Even experienced teams can struggle to deliver results confronted by the scale of the changes and an experienced external coach is an invaluable resource.

Leadership 360

Leadership 360 is a 2 day leadership development program that helps people understand their thinking styles and helps leaders and managers to be more effective and constructive. We examine mental models and how these impact on performance and create a greater consciousness. The program focuses on team inter-actions and enables team functioning so that they can be more effective back in the work place. This can be customised to include work on complexity and consciousness to help create a greater understanding and providing coping strategies for being over our heads. Please download a brochure or contact us for more information.


Brochures are available under the resources section and for mare information contact john.clements@leadinperformance.com

High Performance Leadership

High Performance Leadership is a five step transformational program which delivers lasting results throughout the organisation. Traditional team development programs take too long to deliver both bottom line results and people development. In today’s volatile and uncertain market place we need results fast. Because High Performance Leadership is a truly integrated approach to developing high performing leaders, teams and organisations, it accelerates the time from learning to doing. It uses the Global Leadership model as part of the feedback to build capability to lead in these complex and discontinuous times.It has a measurable impact on the business and builds the leadership team in the process. One on one coaching is part of the process, so individual development needs are also addressed.

The model covers 5 Key areas of learning and application:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Personal Leadership
  • Performance Coaching
  • Development Coaching
  • Sustaining Relationships

This program is designed for leadership teams through all stages of their life cycle – especially those facing major change and are seeking an infusion of new thinking with speedy application.

People and Growth

Ultimately success depends on having the right people on the bus. Whether it is a sports team, hospital or business it is about the right people with the right expertise exercising the right judgement to execute the strategy. We work with you to have the identify the right talent and the program provides resources for you to design the correct organisation for your needs and then identify the right people.
During the 2 day workshop the participants develop a holistic people plan to design jobs, attract and identify the right people and keep them energised by keeping out of their way and let them get on with agreed outcomes. You are then supported with on-line coaching and to get the systems in place to attract and retain the right people.


Talent management and the leadership pipeline is crucial in this rapidly changing times. Talent is always scare but with the pressure on global markets, digitalisation and the social changes organisations need staff (at all levels) who can match the challenge. Those that do, leap frog ahead. We can help you to identify people who are able to manage todays challenges and grow into the future opportunities as they emerge. People make decisions all the time but it is the exercise of judgement that makes the difference. Some decisions are straightforward. Past experience or previously-acquired knowledge can tell us what to do (thinking fast). But the more complex the context, the more we rely on judgement or discretion (thinking slow). This is the decision-making capability that comes into play in unfamiliar, volatile or ambiguous situations where we do not, and cannot, know what to do. We often feel “in over our heads” to use Kegan’s descriptor. In an ideal situation, our decision-making – our capability will match the level of complexity of our work. When this happens, we are “in flow”. However, if our capability is out of sync with these challenges, the resulting under- or overwhelm can affect not just our own well-being, but that of the organisation around us. In a more complex environment we need people who are able to operate at the appropriate level. If they don’t they can slow the organisation down and it also has an impact on the individual. We are able to help organisations with this critical aspect of talent management and guide both the organisation and the people to achieve greater effectiveness. And manage talent risk within the  organisation.

Supervision for Energised Teams

This is a six module supervisor / mid-manager development program for those organisations requiring staff to lead in an operationally excellent environment. The modules include:

  • Managing a mini-business
  • People relationships
  • Leadership
  • Work Place Relations
  • Communication skills
  • Coaching

Organisational Culture and Diagnostics

There is no denying that organisations are faced with constant change and challenges in today’s business environment. To stay competitive organisations need to have an inspiring purpose and clear vision and a roadmap on how to get there. It needs to differentiate itself and stand out from the competitors. The survey examines how members of an organisation experience its operating culture. We are able to measure the culture outcomes and identify statistical relationships between the elements of culture and these outcomes.. Our approach identifies the root causes of problems and provides strategies to address these. We are able to build on the continuous improvement culture for outstanding results.