i440 Technology


Technology is evolving and so are we. We tailor technology for our clients to transition from legacy systems, data discipline, cloud computing and then to look at future technology solutions from automated processes, robotics, IoT and additive manufacturing to  provide mass customisation and solutions that meet customer needs and reduce costs, improve quality and delivery.

Technology Radar

We work with clients to develop a technology radar of the business requirements both current and future states. Whilst digital adaption is disruptive not all technology needs to change and some will change faster than others. We work with clients to review current technology needs and along with the digital strategy and data maps identify future technology needs and plan accordingly.

Data Maps

All organisations have data and is capturing this and its current condition is invaluable to assist with the digital strategy and resource requirements. It also identifies high leverage areas and opportunities so that organisations have a firm starting point to grow capability. This may include automation of processes and routine tasks to speed up the processes.

Digital tools

There has been an explosion of digital tools and some more appropriate than others to an organisation. We align these technologies with customer and organisation needs to enable smart organisations. These may include virtual and augmented reality, internet of things, autonomous equipment, simulation, and additive manufacturing. We will bring the appropriate tools to the issue at hand.

Business rules

Frequently organisations have not appreciated the value of the data they have and it has not been well maintained. We help organisations develop clear business rules for data management including meeting compliance requirements.