i420 People


Without talented and appropriately skilled people the journey is not sustainable. We work with our clients to reshape their organisation design and people and up-skill their team in the latest digital developments to meet the challenges. We recognise that new business models may emerge and new skills and organisation design is required and we work with our clients to transform the organisation.

Organisation design

A frequently overlooked element of transformation is what is the organisation design required to lead and then sustain the change. We work with the organisation to link strategy and structure and then


Change such as this is going to require new skills and structures. Learning is key. No team is going to meet technology’s full potential without talented teams to use it. It is not just the technical skills but problem solving and analytics as well as leadership skills. We have programmes designed to equip people with the right skill sets.


New teams will emerge often cross-functional, agile and quick paced. Underpinning a project management process is required to keep the focus and deliver on the required outcomes. Teams may be virtual or in situ – we work with you to establish approaches that deliver value both today and tomorrow.


In transformation there is obvious risk and potential to failure. You need to build an environment that respects both discipline and failure, delivery and non-delivery. Recognising those that tried but didn’t achieve but gave it a go as well as those that did get the outcomes. You need high achievement, clear goals and respectful. We help build this culture.