i410 Leadership and Strategy

Digital Leadership and Strategy

Every journey needs leadership to provide a map and none is more important than the digital journey where multiple transformations are merged into the journey. Our leadership strategy guide provides you with ensuring the right leadership and digital strategy setting out the right direction and achievable goals. We enhance integrated thinking to address the complex problems leaders face. We also address developing a digital culture.


Transformative change can be daunting and the ability to make meaning of the emergent patterns is challenging – yet it is the role of the leadership team to provide direction. They need to deal with emerging trends and ambiguity. Our transformational leadership programme helps develop these insights and applies this thinking to the organisation.

Technology and Digital Maturity Assessment.

Companies are at different stages of their technology and digital journeys or maturity level. It can be difficult for companies to judge their own readiness level and the readiness level of some of their legacy systems. Our maturity diagnostic assessment identifies the focus areas needed for our clients to achieve their goals and where the gaps are. It helps organisations assess where they stand against best practice

Digital transformation strategy

Updating digital and traditional IT legacy systems and data requires significant transformation from traditional models. We guide organisations through this journey from the current to future digital offering recognising that it is an iterative and learning journey. We recognise you cannot predict the future but you can have clear direction and milestones and insightful reviews to ensure customer relevance and value and address the internal growth required within the organisation.

Digital Map

It s essential to identify digital opportunities within the current value streams and where there are gaps. We work with the organisation to map out current work flows and then identify digital opportunities that will add value, improve productivity and customer service.

Business case development

Our business case development provides clients with a roadmap to identify financially sound decisions and make the right decisions for now and the future. This includes a range of approaches including cost benefit analysis,


Face to face dialogue is crucial for creativity and innovation. We arrange regular network forums to keep our customers and interested parties informed. Our rules around the network ensure that it is a sharing experience, best practices shared and new partnerships are developed.