i460 Design


Sustainable design should captivate an audience and enhance the organisation’s purpose. The modern consumer is looking for customised and individual designs which is environmentally sustainable. We work with organisations to put the customer at the heart of any digital journey for an effortless, sustainable engagement.

Journey Mapping

Journey mapping is used to build a clear picture of a user’s end to end experience as current and future state. Our approach is to uncover the interactions, experiences, frustrations and help clients understand their own products and services as they are experienced through the eyes of their people and customers and then to look to appropriate solutions to address opportunities.


We work with our clients to create physical or digital prototypes to test ideas and problem solve. We work on designing prototypes as part of the design and innovation process allow us to fail fast should we need.


We have increasingly recognised the importance of story telling and visual story telling due to the use of digital cameras and platforms such as YouTube. Storytelling captures both the story and the emotions into visual pictures to engage head and heart. We work with clients to tell their story.