i430 Cyber


A great deal has been talked about regarding cyber security and data protection. We see the risks as broader than just data and work with clients to identify the risks and develop appropriate responses. We work to provide protection whether the needs are to provide and monitor security or to identify risks.

Identity and access management

Identities whether it is people, systems or devices are part of the digital network. We help manage these identities and protect your assets including personal information. We focus on relevant access and appropriate security,

Secure cloud

Using cloud can be valuable for collaboration, mobility and integration but often a security risk. We assist with cloud adoption and help manage the associated risks and potential compromises.

Data Ethics

Data ethics and privacy are serious issues that need to be managed. They are also a compliance issue so attention to it is essential. We help organisations manage this data in a secure way and evolve to the ever changing landscape such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and the Privacy Act.

Cyber incidence and crisis response

Cyber incidences are a real threat to the organisation. These threats are evolving as we become more dependent on data and electronics so we help organisations respond and business restoration efforts.