i450 Analytics


Most organisations have vast volumes of data or generate data but do not capture and apply it. The data only provides comparatively limited insights and its true potential is not realised. New opportunities for value creation and left unrecognised.

We work with clients to generate valuable insights and make the data a valuable asset.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The advancement of data storage and computer power has enabled organisations to aggregate data and interrogate it to great effect. It is providing insights not previously realised and challenging existing business models. It allows organisations to identify key opportunities internally and externally and respond at speed. We work with our clients to enable this capability providing business insights through statistical techniques to automate problem analysis and decision making.

Internet of things

We are increasingly being surrounded by smart technologies whether this be smart whiteware, smart buildings or smart warehouse and logistics and supply chains and this enable through cloud computing, software interfaces and machine learning. Customers are often time scarce and want simple solutions to routine tasks we help identify these and then create an appropriate solution with the organisation.

Human interface

Whilst we are seeing significant development in analytics, machine learning and its power grows daily it eventually requires human judgement. Through our focus on vertical learning, cognitive capability and agile teams we merge the cyber physical worlds to ensure human judgement aligns with algorithms.

Maturity assessments

Information and data is at the heart of every organisation and is stored in spread sheets, hard drives, databases and social media – but often not integrated. We look at the maturity of the current data and processing and seek to optimise the systems or add integrated management to the data.