Integrate 4.0

Integrate 4.0

Leading Performance Consulting is known for providing integrated solutions that add value to the customer, the organisation and to individuals and with the emergence of digital transformation we continue to provide such solutions. We look forward to working with you today to provide solutions for tomorrow.

Our approach is encapsulated in Integrate 4.0 which integrates Industry 4.0 and Lean 2.0 into addressing our customers digital needs. We work with our clients to build their capability across some or all of the following:-

Digital Leadership and Strategy

Every journey needs leadership to provide a map and none is more important than the digital journey where multiple transformations are merged into the journey. Our leadership strategy guide provides you with ensuring the right leadership and digital strategy setting out the right direction and achievable goals. We enhance integrated thinking to address the complex problems leaders face. We also address developing a digital culture.


Without talented and appropriately skilled people the journey is not sustainable. We work with our clients to reshape their organisation design and people and up-skill their team in the latest digital developments to meet the challenges. We recognise that new business models may emerge and new skills and organisation design is required and we work with our clients to transform the organisation.


A great deal has been talked about regarding cyber security and data protection. We see the risks as broader than just data and work with clients to identify the risks and develop appropriate responses. We work to provide protection whether the needs are to provide and monitor security or to identify risks.


Technology is evolving and so are we. We tailor technology for our clients to transition from legacy systems, data discipline, cloud computing and then to look at future technology solutions from automated processes, robotics, IoT and additive manufacturing to  provide mass customisation and solutions that meet customer needs and reduce costs, improve quality and delivery.


Most organisations have vast volumes of data or generate data but do not capture and apply it. The data only provides comparatively limited insights and its true potential is not realised. New opportunities for value creation and left unrecognised.

We work with clients to generate valuable insights and make the data a valuable asset.


Sustainable design should captivate an audience and enhance the organisation’s purpose. The modern consumer is looking for customised and individual designs which is environmentally sustainable. We work with organisations to put the customer at the heart of any digital journey for an effortless, sustainable engagement.