Growth Accelerator

The Growth Accelerator’s purpose is to support organisations aspiring to succeed and grow. It is for those organisations that are underway but are looking for frameworks and tools to grow their business.

We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, help organisations build a sustainable position within their industry and renew it continuously. We provide high quality practical education and business support to leaders of growth organisations. We understand the challenges of growth and the leadership challenges and we are there to help you.

Through our programmes and network meetings brings together like-minded organisation leaders focused on scaling up. The core of the programme is the Growth Accelerator delivered over 12 months with 60 hours of interactive workshops and practical tools to apply in the workplace. The programme is designed with world class input and research in entrepreneurial learning and experience. The success of the programme is due the the right balance of formal learning, collaborative learning and mentoring and then the action plans to consolidate the learning. We know that growth is tough and incremental so we have designed a capability profile so that the organisation builds over time to being world class.

The Challenge

We live in a disruptive time and globalisation, economic volatility and digitalisation has lead a tsunami of disruption which organisations have to cope with. Stakeholders expect leaders to have answers and lead, employees and shareholders are seeking surety. Leaders need support to cope in these complex times and this gave rise to the Growth Accelerator. We set out to enable to grow and adapt and create meaningful opportunities for the future.

The new normal has left many developed economies and organisations in stress and are having to learn to transition to this new norm and have a sense of purpose that drives growth.
Our experience with organisation growth of any size, especially the SME enterprises as well as our research shows the challenge. On average only 96% of companies do not scale up beyond $1m; then only 0.4% in the US exceed $10m and only 0.04% reach $50m (a similar number in Australia, NZ and UK). If we can address this we see a rainbow of opportunity for countries and organisations.

The solution needs an integrated model. Organisation success is not a silo solution but a holistic approach to organisation development. Leadership is key and Level5+ leadership needs to be developed to lead the transformation. Then there are a number of key decisions and actions to transition and capture the rainbow of opportunity that is there. Leading Performance Consulting is committed to provide best in class practices to achieve our purpose.
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Innovation and Design Thinking

Innovation 350° assists people and organisations to be more innovative. We build sustainability of the innovation process. We approach innovation as a continuum from improvement to transformation, improving processes, products, business models and technological breakthroughs that meet the needs of the customer.

Innovation has never been more imperative as today and companies are questioning all aspects to their business as they respond to the fast change in market conditions. Commoditisation is taking place across a wide range of industries – no business nor product is immune. Innovation leadership is crucial. We know it is important but the challenge of short term requirements and our immunity to change hinders this transformation. We need to make a permanent stream of innovation – we have the tools to enable you to do that. We therefore start with an innovation strategy and charter.

Innovation 350°  delivers leading performance innovation strategies to both local and international clients. We have proven business innovation and culture change methodologies that have helped companies innovate their organisation effectiveness, get results and improve their return on investment.

  • We build a systematic approach to innovation that creates a pipeline of new ideas for the organisation. We identify the gaps and develop innovation leadership. Innovation Catalysts build innovation capability.
  • Our customised solutions provide our clients with the tools to develop innovators, asses their progress and drive their business improvement initiatives.
  • We offer a complete range of innovation services from innovation leadership, innovation strategy to innovation tools and techniques and our unique Innovation Management System sustains the innovation process.
  • The name of our approach was deliberately chosen. We love innovation and we work diligently to uncover innovative concepts, ideas, and practices. That deliver value to the company. Recognising that innovation like any change initiative has risks and with innovation potentially high failure. These need to be managed and accepted as part of innovation

Label House achieved improved margins and revenue growth and Sam Markwort says “The Growth Accelerator” Program and Scaling up is packed with tools to help you bust through the barriers to growth. We were an early adopter and it has proved its weight in gold. We are scaling the growth curve faster. “Helping change a 70 year old label company, SuperCompany has provided the time to work on the businesses strategically in a well-supported environment. The content is delivered with peers and mentors from leaders and business owners within our industry, providing the best support you need throughout change. It is structured on higher level management with practical approach encouraging you to think outside the box. Regardless of business size or professional training it is crucial to work on your business in the modern business world.””

One Point is an innovative multi channel communications company. Kerim Elgabili says the program is ““The program is conducted in an environment surrounded by entrepreneurs that are facing the same challenges and seeking strategic solutions to navigate into bluer oceans. The program is facilitated by a professional business consultant that is engaging and at times provocative so as to push your own perspectives on developing a strategic way forward. I thoroughly enjoyed the program because it was well structure it stimulated intellectual debates and provided intelligent solutions for my business”.

InPress Print is a commercial printer that recognised that the industry was changing and the traditional space for commercial printer was increasing competitive. Margins and revenues were under stress and Miles Kozewski looked to the Growth Accelerator program to help him reposition the business. “Not only is this experience teaching us the fundamentals of business management and leadership, but it also providing valuable insights into the ever changing communications landscape. I would highly recommend this course to any business owner or manager.”

Award Plus is a niche supplier or awards and recognition to organisations particularly in the education sector. Ian Gillespie the CEO says the program has helping him clarify the purpose of the organisation and provided a blueprint for growth.” Being challenged to clarify my purpose opened up blue oceans of opportunity for growth and opened up an exciting future and provided the tools to achieve it.”

Overcome the Barriers to Growth

Too many business owners stall on the S curve of growth. They fail to realise their potential and achieve their dream. Unaware of the transitions that are part of the journey. Growth Accelerator shows business leaders how to to grow the organisations and reap the rewards.


Ensure everyone understand the journey and stages of growth and the changes required at each stage.


Get everyone aligned from purpose, values, to goals and plans.


Ensure people are accountable for their performance and support to achieve it.


Action is real and the flywheel turns faster through actions and follow up.

The 4 Decisions You Need to Get Right


Is everyone taking ownership, accountability and responsibility for the success of their role, the team and the organisation. Would you rehire everyone on your team? Do you lead and live with purpose and values?


The key to sustained growth is delivering value to your customers now and in the future.


Do you have a habit of execution where what is planned is delivered time after time? This is at both a personal and organisation level.


Do you have a system in place to repeat the process and improve quarter after quarter, year in and year out?

What It Means to Scale Up

Strong leadership with a clear purpose.

The organisation has a strong purpose, vision and values that is committed to leadership in all its dimensions.

Attract and retain high performing talent.

Talent is attracted to a dynamic organisation that accelerates the growth. Ownership, accountability and responsibility enable performance

Confront the facts

The team is able to confront the facts and design strategies to mobilise its assets – people and capital to deliver value to customers.

Customer focused strategy

The organisation strategizes its key goals and develops short and medium priorities. The strategies deliver value to the customer and the organisation.

Executional Excellence

The discipline of delivering the short 90 day priorities without losing sight of the longer term goals and purpose.

World Class Practices

The organisation develops best practice and continuous improves. Core competencies and design thinking are integrated into the organisation.


The discipline of repeating the cycle and scaling up energises the organisation and its people. People are dedicated to accelerating the growth.

Celebrating Success

The people celebrate their success and have a pride in being in the winning team. It is considered and there is a deep sense of humility and ambition to go higher.