Industry 4.0

We are in the midst of a revolution – Industry 4.0 which refers to the combination of several major innovations that are transforming organisations. The emerging technologies are often seen as separately but it is the integration of them that is delivering unprecedented change – delivering customer insights, speed, personalisation and business models.

This means businesses will have to rethink how they do business so we start our Industri 4.0 programme with a review of strategy. We look for high leverage points as well as understanding the current state of the systems, people and processes. It speeds up the process and improves quality to a new level.It has an important impact on people as machines take over some of the manual work and this allows people to embrace analysis and problem solving. Big data from computers needs to be analysed for insights so identifying relevant information is crucial.

Industry 4.0 is not just a technological revolution but is a significant change to how businesses work – for many it is the future of work. We work with companies to adapt their structures and skills for this new environment.

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