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Transformation is Key

Around 2007 there was a convergence of global trends that led to a tsunami for the global economy. The three macro-trrends were the global financial crisis, globalisation and the internet. The global financial crisis exposed many – both companies and countries. Compounding this was the global economy had gained traction, China became a major exporter and the manufacturing hub leaving many traditional industries shrinking and having to adjust. Global competition was the new norm and then the internet created a perfect storm. Significant debt to GDP still poses a challenge for many countries and corrective measures are frequently resisted. These factors set a new norm of constant and incessant change for both organisations and countries which we are now learning to cope with.

What We Do

The new normal has left many economies in stress and employment a challenge. Youth unemployment in developed economies is a significant issue and the manufacturing sector in many of these economies is no longer there to provide employment for, in many cases, these well educated people. Countries and governments are having to transition to a new normal and get companies to expand and scale up and create employment.

Leadership is the key. Level 5+ leadership needs to be developed and so does the expertise of the people for the new economy. The Scaling Up Institute is committed to providing the best-in-class practices to help organisations transition to the new environment and capture the rainbow of opportunity

About Leading Performance

Leading Performance Consulting and the Scaling Up Institute delivers leading edge, high performance solutions to both local and international clients. We have a proven record of performance improvement and change management using globally recognised technologies. Our approach is integrated and holistic with our team having real world experience to support our clients undergoing change. We help the organisation identify where it is in the growth phase and the challenges it faces. We then take them either provide customised solutions or work with them through the Growth Accelerator to develop a Growth Plan. In support of this there may be a need for leadership development and coaching, talent management and leadership pipeline, culture surveys, strategy development, operational excellence using 20 Keys to Workplace Improvement and Competitive Systems and Practices. This flow out of their Growth Plan and aligns with their strategy and stage of development.

Offering consulting services for over 15 years primarily in Australasia, China and SE Asia and a wider international experience in both large multi-nationals and SME’s. We adapt our approach to the clients needs. We have taken clients on study tours to look at leading performance and assisted them in implementation. Our leadership processes have been applied globally, as has 20 Keys to Workplace Improvement so we are able to offer global experience with local application