Growth Accelerator Program

The first full Growth Accelerator program is now complete with 10 companies having graduated. This 10 month, 50 hour program focuses on providing businesses leaders with the practical skills to inject growth into their ventures and scale up successfully. Administered by Leading Performance Consulting and based on extensive research and practical experience in the SME sector it focuses on the levers for growth – leadership, right people, confronting the facts, customer centricity, executional excellence, world class practices and technology (especially digital technology). Additionally the program focuses on collaborative learning and has an inbuilt management system to ensure the flywheel generates further success.

Besides this program a number of organisations have chosen to do it as a coaching in-house program and are achieving some of their highest sales and sustainability for a number of years.

The outcomes are positive with a number of the businesses refining their purpose and identifying potential markets that had not been explored previously. This is converting into sales as well as continuous improvement of their businesses.