Client Testimonials

The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.

When the GFC imploded the markets we were geared for growth! We embarked on Leading by Design waand this helped us to build out systems and processes and focus on the important business drivers. We came through those troubled times stronger and better positioned for the market. It really added value.

We have always delivered great customer value and we thought we were customer centric. When we measured we realised we could improve and by addressing our systems and processes and the shortfalls we have improved significantly to deliver on time 98% of the time. This is despite having the long lead time for imported stock. We have also improved flow and employee engagements with ideas coming from all directions. It really makes it exciting.

We have improved our productivity, reduced space and generated enough to put in place a new line. We are taking the process into sales and its is delivering real benefit to the company. It has raised the morale of an already happy work place with people making suggestions and improvements on a daily basis.

When we started Golden Brown we were sceptical but knew we had to do it as part of business transformation. This was the best thing I’ve experienced. It was hard work but we examined and analysed the business and identified opportunities for improvement. The great thing though was the insight we gained about the business. It made a significant difference and was one of the highlights of my career.